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Snowmobile Summerization

Protect your sled as it sits through the Summer.

Let our Factory Trained Certified Technicians prepare your sled for the Summer months.

Service for a 2-Stroke Snowmobile includes:

  • Compression check
  • Spark check
  • Adding fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank
  • Distribute the stabilizer throughout the engine
  • Spray fogging oil to coat the internal parts of the intake, carbs (non-EFI sleds), cylinders and engine
  • Drain carb float bowls on non-EFI sleds
  • Check chain case/drive fluid and top-off as necessary
  • Grease the front and rear suspension
  • Disconnect the battery (unless otherwise instructed by the customer)
  • Remove the drive belt from the clutches (unless otherwise instructed by the customer)
  • Loosen the track (unless otherwise instructed by the customer)

Service for a 4-Stroke Snowmobile includes the above list plus an oil change.
Pricing may vary due to quantity and type of oil chosen and additional labor charges on some 4-Stroke snowmobiles.

** Please call us for pricing 989-389-4961 **